We believe that time on the bike is better when shared, so we asked some like-minded friends to join us for the ride. The SCOR crew is a small group of talented riders who embody what we’re all about. With riding styles as diverse as their backgrounds they each have a unique way of expressing themselves on the bike and on the trails, but all are united by a passion for sharing their experiences and enthusiasm to play the mountains. Grab a beer and let’s make some introductions.

Josh Lewis

Nationality:Derbyshire, UK

Meet mountain biking’s professor of play. His inspired experiments on the bike are designed to discover what can be achieved with just two wheels – and to have tons of fun in the process. From trail building and filming to recording podcasts, the co-founder of 50to1 has a unique way of working things out. The science of play is complex but to keep things simple: Josh x SCOR = Fun.

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Ludo May

Nationality:Verbier, Switzerland

Although he’d play it down, Ludo is one of Switzerland’s great riders. Having raced DH and Enduro as a pro he’s now more interested in using his skills on the trail rather than the race track. The steeper and more technical it gets the happier he is and his creativity on the bike is matched only by his creativity with a video camera. Ludo can’t help but share the fun.

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Arthur Deblonde

Nationality:Saint-Étienne, France

BMX, XC, trials and DH; Arthur Deblonde’s done it all. These days he’s happiest outside the race tape, expressing his creativity through his riding. Make the trail fast, flowy with plenty of big jumps, throw in some like-minded friends and Arthur’s in his element. A true Freerider.

Jérôme Caroli

Nationality:Verbier, Switzerland

Meet the maestro of mountain biking finesse. Whether he's competing at the Downhill World Cup, pushing the limits at Red Bull Hardline, blazing through Enduro races, collaborating on captivating video projects, or simply enjoying the freedom of riding bikes with friends, Jérôme's passion knows no bounds. With an uncanny ability to transform any trail into a silky-smooth playground, he harnesses the natural movements of the terrain, creating a seamless and playful experience.

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Kasi Schmidt

Nationality:Freiburg, Germany

Effortless style mixed with outrageous ability – if you need a rider to get the most out of a trail or feature Kasi is your man. Jibbing, jumping, skidding, sliding it’s rare that Kasi has both wheels facing in the same direction, and when he does it’s just further opportunity to pump, manual, tweak and pop. No wonder photographers love him.

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Juliette Willmann

Nationality:Chamonix, France

Juliette Willmann embodies the spirit of mountain adventures, seamlessly blending her love for bikes and skiing all the way from Marseille to Chamonix. Thriving on the steep, technical terrain of Mont Blanc, this rider embraces challenges and excels in both realms. With an insatiable thirst for fun and a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries, Juliette's journey with SCOR opens doors to connect, evolve her biking projects, and above all, revel in the pure exhilaration of every ride.

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Enzo Cavard

Nationality:Saint-Saturin-les-Apt, France

This French young gun is a rider who doesn’t like to put a label on things. Slopestyle? Sure. Downhill? Why not. Freeride? Yes please. On the bike and off the brakes, is all Enzo needs to get creative on the trail. He might be laid back off the bike, but his riding personality matches his favorite jumps – big!

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Shirley Klauer

Nationality:Piombino, Italy

Originally from the captivating landscapes of Germany's Fichtelgebirge, Shirley Klauer moved to the sun-drenched realms of Piombino to live her dream of year-round riding. Not one to stay stationary for long, her nomadic spirit takes her on an epic journey across Europe. Accompanied by her trusty van, a beloved VW T4, her faithful dog Mischa, and four bikes in tow, she immerses herself in the flow and fun, both on and off the trails. With an infectious zest for life, this rider is all about bikes, beers, and beaches.

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Alex Hinkson

Nationality:Squamish, BC, Canada

A Brit by birth, Alex cut his teeth on the infamously tough Squamish trails. Now a one-man media powerhouse, he’s got skills and style whether he’s in front of or behind the lens. Need the skinny on British Columbia’s finest skinnies or someone to drop knowledge on the gnarliest drops? Nobody knows the Sea to Sky Corridor better than Alex.

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Brittany Gustafson

Nationality:Squamish, BC, Canada

With a background in gymnastics, Brittany Gustafson can backflip on a trampoline or on a jump line. Based out of Squamish, Brittany has some of Canada’s finest trails right on her doorstep – all best enjoyed with friends. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, she’ll happily grab a shovel to keep the trails running sweet or pick up a wrench to work on her camper conversion project. Her toxic trait is thinking she can fix anything after watching YouTube videos.