Sizing Matters

We believe that the trails you ride and the way you ride them are just as important as factors like height when it comes to choosing which size frame you need.


Take a look at our geometry charts and you’ll see ‘reach’ mentioned. This measurement helps describe the relationship between the pedals and grips, your contact points when riding dynamically. In general, the taller you are the more reach you need, but if you have longer arms or torso than average then you might find a frame with more reach works better for you. If you have shorter arms you might prefer less reach.

Feel and Style

Reach can be used to influence the feel of the bike. More reach equals a longer bike, which will be more stable. Less reach equals a shorter bike, one that is easier to throw about. Most riders will want to strike a balance between confidence inspiring stability and sharp handling, which is what our size recommendations are based on. But if you mostly ride steep, fast trails then a frame with more reach will give a more calm and controlled ride. If your trails are mostly tight and twisty and you like to pop off every trail feature, a frame with less reach will feel more agile.

Big Up Droppers

With the latest generation of dropper-posts, the amount of actual drop you choose isn’t limited by seat tube length. By using a short seat tube and a long travel dropper post across the size range it’s easy to achieve the correct saddle height for an efficient pedaling position and to get the saddle as low for more confidence on downhill sections.

Climb Time

We use a steep seat angle as it centers the rider on the bike when they are in the saddle, aiding grip when climbing and helping engage heavy-hitting upper leg and bum muscles for maximum power.

Fine Tune

Our bikes work best with a 35mm stem length to keep the handling sweet and we’d recommend sticking with this length. If you feel you need a longer stem go for a larger frame size instead.